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Online Teaching Jobs in the Philippines

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Posted on: Thursday, July 16th, 2009

To be a teacher, you must acquire a Bachelor Degree in Education. After which you can proceed to your Masteral or Doctorate degree. To finish the course of education is like crossing a very narrow bridge. It requires perseverance in order to survive. Graduates should pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and will be given a license to teach in public schools.  Some years ago, private schools were hiring non – LET passers. So fresh graduates and not yet licensed can grab a job in teaching. But nowadays, almost all private schools are looking for LET passers applicants.


A white sand island in the Philippines

Online teaching jobs in the Philippines have been increasing for the past years enabling many Filipino Teachers to earn. To study and learn is no longer  impossible through distance learning. It is now a reality through the help of the latest technology. Online teaching in the Philippines caters the needs of learners from China, Korea, Japan and other countries.

It has been a trend that English language is the most taken subject by many foreign students. Fluency in English is an edge when you desire to pursue a degree in the university. The Philippines has a bilingual education policy. The use of Tagalog and English as mediums of instruction is being observed. Filipinos are known to be fluent in speaking English and competent in the field of grammar in this part of Asia.  This is one of the many reasons why Filipinos are very in demand in the field of online teaching.

Online Teaching jobs in the Philippines are growing, mainly due to the lowering cost of Internet and computer devices which are necessary for the job. Schools that offer online teaching services employ teachers who can speak English well and possess positive working attitude. Filipino culture is sweet and kind in nature. They can easily adjust to the different online learners. Hence, online teaching is a growing industry in the Philippines. They attract foreign learners to learn English online. The attitude, the strong personality of a Filipino teacher motivates the students to enjoy learning and appreciate the online learning.

Attaining a bachelor degree of education is an advantage in this job. You can be justly paid with your service since online teaching is now prevalent and flourishing. Being an online teacher is not an easy task. It demands devotion despite of pressure due to the time schedule. Some schedules are in graveyard in adjustment to the available time of the students. The students usually study online after school hours.

Online teaching could be a dream teaching career in the Philippines as many online teaching schools are continuously seeking teachers to accept the challenge.

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